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Adaptability and Change – the National and Regional Dimensions in Central and Eastern Europe

Világbank – EUROREG – MTA KTI

Budapest, 2010. október 15-16.

15. October 

9.00 – 9.30: Welcome speeches
Károly Fazekas – Director,  IEHAS
Grzegorz Gorzelak – Director, EUROREG

Economy session
Chair: Lászlo Halpern, deputy director, Institute of Economics, Budapest

9.30 – 11.00: Economy I.

Paweł Samecki – adviser,  National Bank of  Poland: From Misdevelopment to a Successful Transition in Central Europe

Paul Marer - CEU, Budapest: A New Growth Model for Emerging Europe

Vladimir Popov – New Economic School, Moscow: How East European countries  responded to the outflow of capital in 1997-99 and in 2008-09


11.20 – 13.20 Economy II.

Vassilis V. Monastiriotis – LSE: Regional Structures and Performanceduring Transition and EU Accession: the NMS Experience

Éva Palócz - Kopint-Tárki Economic Research Institute: Different trajectories  of Central Eastern European Countries after the Crisis

Iván Major- IEHAS: Cooperation, Trust and Time Horizon in the Hungarian Economy


Social issues session
Chair: Paweł Samecki – adviser,  National Bank of Poland

14.30 – 15.20 Social issues I.

Krzysztof Zagórski - Kozminski University: Perceptions of Financial Crisis and Reactions to It in a Comparative Perspective

István György Tóth - Tárki Social Research Institute: Income Distribution, Inequality Perception and Redistributive Claims in European Societies


15.40 -17.00 Social Issues II.

Elemér Hankiss – Institute of Political Science, HAS: Life Strategies in an Age of Uncertainty 

Benő Csapó - Institute of Education, University of Szeged: Potentials of Evidence-based Reform of Education Systems in Post Crisis Development of CEE Countries


16. October 2010

Institutions session 
Chair: Éva Palócz, director, Kopint-Tárki Economic Research Institute 

9.30 – 12.30 Institutions

Chor-Ching Goh - World Bank: The Applicability of Russia's Experiences for Central and Eastern Europe

Related videos:
Policy Agenda for post-crisis Russia
From Yalta to Yekaterinburg

Bob Jessop - Lancaster University: Crises and Crises of Crisis-Management. Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis, the Real Economy, and Sovereign Debt Problems and their Repercussions in Central and Eastern Europe

Peter Berkowitz, DG Regio: Institutional Challenges for Cohesion Policy 


14.30 – 15.30   SEMINAR WRAP-UP
Jerzy Hausner - Economic University, Krakow
Grzegorz Gorzelak - EUROREG
Indermit Gill - World Bank 

15.30 – 16.30   GENERAL DISCUSSION

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