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Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation
CrESSI, EU 7th RTD Framework Programme project 2014-2018
Project coordinator: Attila Havas
The CrESSI project explores the economic underpinnings of social innovation with a particular focus on how policy and practice can enhance the lives of the most marginalised and disempowered citizens in society.

How much does your environment matter? Estimating demand with consumption externalities

Study on the trends in European public and private investments in ICT R&D (REDICT)
ETEPS (European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network) 2005-2008
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Transformation of product and service markets after 1989
OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund), 2006-2007

TrendChart on Innovation
EU-6 Intrasoft, 2005-2007
Trendchart homepage

Information asymmetry, corporate knowledge, market structure and economic performance in CEE countries
OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund), 2005-2007

Why regulate? The impacts of regulation
OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund), 2005-2007

Competitive integration to the European Research Area
NKFP (National Research and Development Programme), 2004-2007

Private sector R&D in the new Member States
ETEPS (European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network), 2005-2006
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Identification of spatially relevant aspects of the information society
ESPON (European Spatial Planning Observation Network) 1.2.3 project, 2005-2007
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Information sharing among banks
NSF - MTA - OTKA (National Science Foundation - Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Hungarian Scientific Research Fund), 2004-2006

Sectoral Systems of Innovation and Production in an Open Transition Economy:
The case of the Hungarian automotive, electronics and telecom equipment industries

OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund), 2004-2007


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