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Game Theory

Unit Director: László Á. KÓCZY 


 Péter Csóka  János Kiss Hubert  László Á. Kóczy  Balázs Sziklai
Contributing researchers: Judith Andaházy  Edina Berlinger  Dávid Csercsik  Anna Ráhel Radványi  Tamás Solymosi  Péter Wojuteczky

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  • The Momentum Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • The Strong, the Weak and the Cunning: Power and Strategy in Voting Games, OTKA project (NF 72610) (Kóczy is the principal investigator at Óbuda University)
  • Risk allocation in illiquid markets and in case of systemic risk. OTKA projekt (105859 PD)
  • Stochastic Cooperation, OTKA project (101106 PD)
  • Cooperative games with capacities, OTKA project (108673 K)
  • Networks and externalities in the lab, OTKA project (109354 K)

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