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Macroenconomics and Growth

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Recent projects

MAPCOMPETE - Mapping European Competitiveness
Project coordinator: László Halpern

SCience, Innovation, FIrms and markets in a GLObalized World
(SCIFI-GLOW - EU FP 7 - Halpern, Kőrösi)
Project coordinator: László Halpern
Researcher: Gábor Kőrösi

European Firms in a Global Economy: Internal policies for external competitiveness
(EFIGE - EU FP 7 - Békés, Halpern, Koren, Muraközy)
Project coordinator: László Halpern
Researchers: Gábor BékésMiklós Koren, Balázs Muraközy

Productivity Spillover Through Trading Products
Hungarian Scientific Research Fund
(Halpern, Koren, Szeidl)

The competitiveness of firms, regions and industries in the knowledgebased economy: What room for jobrich growth in Europe?
(MICRO-DYN EU FP6 - Békés, Halpern, Havas, Kőrösi, Muraközy)

Competitive pressure and its social consequences in EU member states and in associated countries (COMPPRESS EU FP5 - Halpern, Kapitány, Kőrösi, Molnár)

Structural Adjustment of the Economy - an Econometric Analysis
Hungarian Scientific Research Fund

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