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MATCH-UP 2012:

the Second International Workshop on Matching Under Preferences

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The programme can be downloaded in pdf format from HERE

Thursday, 19 July 2012

8:00-8:45 registration

8:45-9:00 opening remarks

Péter Biró. Opening words and some historical notes on matching theory in Hungary.

9:00-10:00 first invited talk (Chair: David Manlove)

Rob Irving. Medical Matching in Scotland: Reflections on the Interplay of Theory and Practice

10:00-10:40 contributed talks session 1 (Chair: David Manlove)

Katarzyna Paluch. Faster and simpler approximation of stable matchings 

Zoltán Király. Linear time local approximation algorithm for maximum stable marriage

10:40-11:10 break

11:10-12:30 contributed talks session 2 (Chair: Katarína Cechlárová)

Guillaume Haeringer and Vincent Iehlé. Two-sided Matching with One-Sided Data

Ozgun Ekici and Onur Kesten. An Equilibrium Analysis of the Probabilistic Serial Mechanism

Thayer Morrill. A Simple Variation of Top Trading Cycles

Umut Dur and Utku Unver. Tuition Exchange

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-15:00 second invited talk (Chair: Tamás Solymosi)

Fuhito Kojima. Promoting School Competition Through School Choice: A Market Design Approach

15:00-15:20 contributed talks session 3 (Chair: Tamás Solymosi)

Eduardo Azevedo and Jacob Leshno. A Supply and Demand Framework for Two-sided Matching Markets

15:20-15:40 coffee break

15:40-16:40 contributed talks session 4 (Chair: Tayfun Sönmez)

Kristiaan Glorie, Albert Wagelmans, Marry de Klerk, Joris van de Klundert, Willij Zuidema, Frans Claas and Willem Weimar. Unspecified donation in kidney exchange: when to end the chain

David Manlove and Gregg O'Malley. Paired and Altruistic Kidney Donation in the UK: Algorithms and Experimentation

Gagan Goel and Pushkar Tripathi. Matching with our Eyes Closed

16:40-17:00 coffee break

17:00-18:00 contributed talks session 5 (Chair: Zoltán Király)

Chien-Chung Huang and Telikepalli Kavitha. Weight-Maximal Matchings

Dimitrios Michail. An Experimental Comparison of Single-Sided Preference Matching Algorithms

Endre Boros, Liliya Fedzhora, Vladimir Gurvich and Steven Jaslar. On rank-profiles of stable matchings

19:30-22:30 workshop dinner

in the restaurant of Hotel Astoria

Friday, 20 July 2012

09:00-10:00 third invited talk (Chair: Péter Biró)

Tayfun Sonmez. Cadet-Branching at U.S. Army Programs

10:00-10:40 contributed talks session 6 (Chair: Péter Biró)

Rashid Farooq, Tamas Fleiner and Akihisa Tamura. Matching with partially ordered contracts

Haris Aziz, Markus Brill and Paul Harrenstein. Testing
Substitutability of Weak Preferences

10:40-11:10 coffee break

11:10-12:30 contributed talks session 7 (Chair: Shuichi Miyazaki)

Christine Cheng and Eric McDermid. Maximum Locally Stable Matchings

Alexander Teytelboym. Strong stability in contractual networks and matching markets

Agnes Cseh, Jannik Matuschke and Martin Skutella. Stable Flows over Time

Szilvia Papai. Hedonic Coalition Formation and Individual Preferences

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-15:00 fourth invited talk (Chair: Tamás Fleiner)

Nicole Immorlica. Two-Sided Matching with Partial Information

15:00-15:20 contributed talks session 8 (Chair: Tamás Fleiner)

Pavlos Eirinakis, Dimitrios Magos, Ioannis Mourtos and Panayiotis Miliotis. On the structural characteristics of the Stable Marriage polytope

15:20-15:40 coffee break

15:40-16:40 contributed talks session 9 (Chair: Guillaume Haeringer)

Jacob Leshno. Dynamic Matching in Overloaded Systems

Songzi Du and Yair Livne. Flexibility of Transfers and Unraveling in Matching Markets

James Boudreau. An exploration into why some matchings are more likely than others

16:40-17:00 coffee break

17:00-17:40 contributed talks session 10 (Chair: Marina Nunez)

Peter Biro, Matthijs Bomhoff, Petr Golovach, Walter Kern and Daniel
Paulusma. Solutions for the Stable Roommates Problem with Payments

Daniel Ayala, Ouri Wolfson, Bo Xu, Bhaskar Dasgupta and Jie Lin. Stability of Marriage and Vehicular Parking

17:40-18:00 closing remarks

David Manlove. Announcement of "Algorithmics of Matching Under Preferences"

Tamás Fleiner. Closing words.

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