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Zsuzsa Kapitány has finished her studies in Mathematics and Physics at Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in Budapest. Since 1973 she has been working in the Institute of Economics, working at first in the research team of Professor János Kornai. In the 1980s she dealt with the structural problems and distributive mechanisms of the EE passenger car markets and the development of motor industry and trade in EE. Her special studies on East-European motor industry and trade were regularly published by the Economic Intelligence Unit in London. Since the 1990s she has written studies on the changing income and expenditure structure of the Hungarian households. Using household surveys and panel data sets she is making research on inequality, mobility, and relationship between inequalities and relative mobility. In the research group "Economics of Pensions and Households" she is examining the dynamics of objective and subjective variables of household consumer behaviour, and using survey questions on life and material satisfaction she is modelling the link between mobility, subjective mobility and subjective well-being in Hungary.

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