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Gábor G. SZABÓ

senior research fellow

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Agricultural economics and rural development research unit

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Gábor G. Szabó is a senior research fellow (41) affiliated with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), Institute of Economics, Budapest, Hungary. Before 2001 he was lecturer in Economics at University of Kaposvár. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the HAS in 1997. He was awarded by the Bolyai János Scholarship for the periods of 1998-2000 and 2005-2007, he has also received the Award for Young Outstanding Scholars by the HAS in 2003. His main research interest is focused on co-operative theory and practice; co-ordination and integration in the agri-food economy; New Institutional Economics and human capital considerations. His research results are published both in Hungarian and English. He acted as leader of number of Hungarian (OTKA, FKFP, OKTK) research programs on vertical co-ordination and integration matters, agricultural co-operatives and producers' organisations, multidisciplinary theoretical and empirical analysis of milk and dairy products' marketing channel etc. Currently he is project leader of OTKA research on "Producers' organisations in the agri-food economy with special emphasis on human factor considerations". In connection with above topic, his most recent studies deals with trust, motivation and other soft factors since they can explain the success or failure of any (producers' organizations. He is a member of numerous national (e.g. HUSNIE, Agricultural Marketing and Co-operative Theory Subcommittees of the HAS) and international professional bodies (EAAE, AAEA).

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