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Adrienn MOLNÁR

senior research fellow

Office Phone and Fax Number: +36 20 210 43 92; +36 1 319 31 36

Office e-mail address:

Agricultural Economics and rural development research unit

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Adrienn Molnár was born in Újfehértó on October 20, 1981, in Hungary. She obtained a university degree in “Agribusiness” at the University of Debrecen, in 2005, in Hungary. In October 2005 she started as a doctoral researcher at the Ghent University, in Belgium and in August 2010 she obtained an academic degree of Doctor of Applied Biological Sciences. In December 2010, she continued as a postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University. In September 2014 she returned to Hungary and started as a postdoctoral researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Science. She participated in several international research projects (FP7, FP6, SEE etc.).

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