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Dr. Mihályi started his academic career right after graduation from the Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences in Budapest in 1977.  Between 1983-1993, he was staff member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva. After returning to his native country, Dr. Mihalyi became an active participant of the Hungarian privatization in various capacities. He served - inter alia - as Deputy Government Commissioner for Privatization in 1994/95 and played a major role in the design and execution of the largest transactions in energy and banking. In 1997/98 he was promoted to Deputy State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance. His portfolio included the pension reform, the preparation of the health care reform and the reorganization of municipal financing.
Professor Mihalyi is an often consulted expert by UNCTAD, UN ECE, the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union. He authored 13 books, dozens of commissioned papers and newspaper articles on privatization, FDI, corporate governance, as well as pension and health care reforms. He is founder and owner of EUROPE Consulting Ltd.

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