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Ágnes CSEH

research fellow

 Office Phone and Fax Number: +36 30 816 4253; +36 1 319 31 36


Mechanism design research unit

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Short Bio

Ágnes Cseh received her Masters' Degree in Mathematics at TU Berlin in 2012. She completed her PhD at the same institute in 2015 under the supervision of Martin Skutella. During her OhD studies, she spent over 1.5 years as a visiting researcher at various insitutions (Clemson University - USA, University of Glasgow - UK, TIFR Mumbai - India, Hausdorff Institut - Germany). After a research stay at the ICE-TCS (Icelandic Centre of Excellence in Theoretical Computer Science) in Reykjavík, she has started a post-doc at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Her main research focus is the algorithmic study of matching problems under preferences.

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