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Katalin CSATÓ

senior research fellow

Office Phone and Fax Number: +36 30 816 42 63; +36 1 319 31 36

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Katalin Csató has been working at the Institute since 1965. Her research field, the Hungarian consumption demand and the analysis of consumption prices had been conducted in relation to the preparation of economic reforms. Her research interest then gradually shifted to theoretical issues, among which she was studying the role of consumption in economic growth. The starting point for the latter is the eighteenth century French Physiocratic School, for the research on which Katalin Csató is internationally renowed. From the late '80s, motivated by the strenghtening of monetary policy in Hungary, she started to study the quantitative theory of money, the early roots of the French school. At present, she is doing research on the development of the Hungarian economic thought after 1945.

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