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Tamás BAKÓ

junior research fellow

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Public economics and public policies research unit 

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Tamás Bakó graduated at the University of Pécs as an economist in 2007.  He began his doctoral studies at the Pannon University in 2009. His thesis analyzes the job search behaviour of the unemployed and the on-the-job search behaviour of workers, as well as the effect of efficiency wages on labour supply. He started to work for the Institute in 2010 and participated in research activities of SROP-2.3.2 project as an research assistant. He joined the Public Economics and Public Policies research group of the Institute of Economics in 2014 as an junior research fellow. His current research interest are the impact of legal origins and economic institutions on income inequality; the impact of subsidies on retained earnings and the risk-taking behaviour of entrepreneurs; as well as microsimulation of the labour market.

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